You are currently viewing FOTM. EmperorA Fan of the month. June.

FOTM. EmperorA Fan of the month. June.

As a sign of appreciation, EmperorA decided to introduce a “Fan of The Month” platform, abbreviated as FOTM.

This will be a measure of appreciating our favorite fans in a particular month. We’ll be giving them a space to feature on our website and social media pages, by interviewing them.

This month, we’ll be awarding two people. The first will be Oniyele Anjola. He’s the brain behind our DLS22 tournament. A student at the Federal University of Technology Akure, currently studying cyber security.

Here are key points from the interview carried out in his WhatsApp DM.

The player and event that made you fall in love with football: Luis Suarez, I was sent to call someone from the viewing center, and it happened to be the day Suarez scored 4 goals against Norwich. Since then, I’ve followed Luis closely.

Favorite football club: FC Barcelona

Favorite player: Luis Suarez.

Why do you like FC Barcelona: basically because of Luis Suarez. I used to be a Liverpool fan, when he was sold to FC Barcelona, I followed and when he was sold to Atletico Madrid, I followed. But Xavi made me fall in love with Barca again. Besides since Suarez stopped getting playing time, I was busy watching FC Barcelona matches.

Do you consider Xavi a world-class coach? To be honest, no. But we won’t deny the beauty he restored to Barca. But champions league next season should decide.

Which Barca loss hurt you the most? I think Liverpool 4-0 comeback. I was heartbroken at that point (laughs) and we’d just suffered a similar loss to Roma a season before. To be honest, I expected Barca to do better. I still can’t wrap my head around that incident. So basically, I was served breakfast and at the same time had to watch my team lose. And the next day, I’d get serious “bants” from Ronaldo fans in class.

Which Barca match made you the happiest? El Clasico 5-1 win for Barca. Where Suarez scored a hattrick, even without Messi on the pitch. I don’t think I’d ever be able to forget that match, I still have the highlights on my phone.

Messi or Ronaldo, and why? Messi. I think Messi is the metric used to judge football. He’s the greatest playmaker, has a better goal ratio than Ronaldo, one of the best dribblers, and the awards are there to speak for him. How else do we prove the GOAT? Although I like Ronaldo because he rarely disappoints his fans in big matches, Messi is quite the opposite.

Who’s your favorite coach and why? Pep Guardiola. I just consider him really intelligent, he spends the money and it’s always worth it. Aside his champions league curse, with Pep you can beat anyone.

Do you think he’s the best coach? Kind of. But there’s this guy, Hansi Flick. That Bayern former coach. Fear him(laughs).

Which player would you pick as a role model and why? Andres Iniesta. He was so humble and was hated by none, I’ve never seen him in the media for any evil reasons, not even a red card all through his European career. I think he’s someone every young player should look up to. He has good manners!

Can we ask you some personal questions? Sure, go ahead

FOTM: Personal Questions.

Why do you like and support EmperorA? I must admit, football news is interesting with Emperor.

Hobbies? Reading, listening to music, coding and thinking.

What do you think about? Omo… A lot o(laughs). I overthink a lot. I must admit, it’s my bad habit.

Are you in a relationship? No.

Your “no” sounds blunt, can you tell us why? Relationships these days are basically for sex, if you need goals, call Ronaldo, tell him to give you Messi’s number.

Rate EmperorA on a scale of 10. 9.5

The remaining 0.5? Try dey do giveaway, we sef dey try for you(laughs).

What do you hate and like about yourself? I like the fact that I’m a good person and I don’t have to fake it, I’m quite skillfull too and that boosts my self esteem. I hate the fact that I find it difficult to say no, although I’m working on myself.

Thank you for your time. We’ll see you some other time.

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