You are currently viewing FOTM: Fan Of The Month, July 2022.

FOTM: Fan Of The Month, July 2022.

As usual, EmperorA awards two fans every month as the “Fan of the Month,” abbreviated as FOTM. These people are picked based on the efforts they’ve made towards EmperorA in a particular month.

As an outlet to appreciate their efforts in the open, we are interviewing the FOTMs to get a sneak peek at their personal lives and thoughts on different aspects of football.

Our first FOTM for this month is Rolly. He is an assurance officer that deals with the printing of company labels like Niger Brewies and International Distilled Limited etc. He’s a member of the EmperorA WhatsApp community.

He was the winner of our first DLS tournament, and also the sponsor of the second one(he paid for everyone). He finished as the second runner-up in the second tournament. And many other good things he’s done to support EmperorA.

Here are the details of the interview carried out in his WhatsApp DM:

Full name: Oliseh Roland Onyema.

Your favorite club and why? Manchester United. I’ve been supporting The Red Devils since the year 2004, and I love this club with everything in me.

Your most hated club and why?

Chelsea football club, even if they’re the only club left on this platform, I will never support them.

The club you’re scared of the most? Real Madrid. This club is full of world-class players and some mouth-watering Brazilian talents, so I will love my dearly united to avoid them next season and beyond.

Your favorite player and why? My favorite player is CR7. He is not just a football star(GOAT) but also a role model for everyone sports fans out there who love success. If you hate Cr7, you simply hate the game called football. Cr7 is the greatest footballer of all time. You can argue with your keypad.

Who’s your favorite coach and why? AIex Ferguson. I doubt if we’ll ever see his type again in this generation or the up and coming one.

If you’re in a position to manage your club, what are the things you’d be changing?

First of all, I will sell Maguire away. Then I will give the youth a chance for first team football, and finally I will sign a top striker and at least two top defenders and one midfielder to partner Bruno Fernandes.

Which player will you pick as a role model in terms of personal lifestyle?

Cristiano Ronaldo (GOAT).

Can we ask personal questions? Yes…. Go ahead.

FOTM: Personal Questions.

Do you have any siblings? If so, how many? Yes, two… A boy and a girl. I’m the firstborn.

Do you play football? If so, what’s it like? Yes, once in a while. Six players in a team (5 players and one keeper), a mockery post (which we call monkey post). I play like a wing back on defense, number 2 or number 7.

What do you do for a living? I work for a company that deals with labels. I am a quality assurance officer… I am also an online investment professional.

What does work feel like? For now, I like the job and have no intentions of switching.

What are the things that make you happy? I don’t womanize, I don’t drink, but I love music a lot, and I like football. I also play games, DLS to be precise

Who’s your favorite artiste? The type of music I listen to is cool blues, so my favorite artiste is Don Williams.

Are you religious, can you describe your relationship with God?

Yes, Christian, I go to church every Sunday but not all the Sundays (smiles). Concerning prayers, I pray every night before I sleep and still pray when I wake up. I read the Bible only in church.

Are you in a relationship or single and searching? I am single and searching. In fact, if I see a good girl, I will marry her next year.

Wow… Can you describe your dream girl? Okay, first thing she must not be fat, normal slim, not too slim, chocolate (fair) or yellow (not too yellow) and finally she must have *!Yansh!*

Why do you like and support EmperorA? Because he is an honest person, even though I am yet to see him, my spirit accepts him, and finally he feeds me with all the news of my favorite club!

Rate EmperorA on a scale of 1-10? 9/10.

The remaining 1? Because nothing is %100 in nature, so the 9 simply means the best.

Lastly, is there anyone you want to give a shout-out to? My shout goes to Oladimeji, my favorite PADI in the DLS tournament!!

Thank you for your time. We really appreciate it.

Just in case you’re able to find a wife for Roland, hit us up on the contact page. We’d really appreciate it (laughs).

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