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Premier League final matchday saga

According to rankings, the Premier League is considered the best domestic league in Europe. And we are probably about to witness plenty of drama as we approach the final matchday, which is set to take place on the 22nd of May, with all Premier League teams starting at the same time by 4pm (Nigerian time).

.Here are some of the dramas set to unfold on the final matchday:

The Premier League winner will be decided on the final matchday.

Unlike other top European domestic Leagues like the LA Liga, bundesliga and the Ligue 1 which has been decided before the final matchday, the Premier League on another hand has seen the top two giants fight it to the end. With Manchester City leading it’s fierce rival with only one point.

Manchester City and Liverpool with 90pts and 89 pts respectively.

The Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters, will be at Man City’s Etihad stadium on Sunday with the genuine trophy, while a replica presentation team and trophy will be at Anfield in case Liverpool wins the title.

Manchester City takes on Aston Villa while Liverpool takes on wolves on Sunday. A draw or loss from City and a win from Liverpool will see the reds win the trophy We patiently anticipate as the drama unfolds.

The Top 4 will be decided on the final matchday.

Sitting in the top 4 positions in the league grants you an automatic seat in the UCL. Chelsea FC have already secured a place in the Champions League, sitting in 3rd position in the Premier League. Arsenal and Tottenham are set to battle for the number 4 position as Arsenal has handed Spurs an easy spot with their recent league losses.

Tottenham and Arsenal with 68pts and 66pts respectively. A win from Arsenal and a loss from Tottenham is the only escape route for Arsenal. Tottenham has a goal difference of 24 while arsenal has 9. A draw from Tottenham will still see them ahead of Arsenal, based on goal difference.

Aside that Tottenham seems to be taking on an easier opponent Norwich which is the last on the league table compared to Arsenal taking on Everton which is 16th on the table. It is football, and anything can happen.

The Europa League spot will be decided on the final matchday.

The fifth and sixth positions in the league get to secure a spot in the Europa League group stage next season. Manchester United’s poor performance this season has seen them fight for a seat in the Europa League.

Manchester United and West Ham, with 58pts and 56 points, respectively, play against Crystal Palace (13th position on the league table) and Brighton (11th position). A loss against Crystal Palace, and a win for West Ham is the only escape route for West Ham. although they are better than Manchester United with goal difference.

The relegation will be decided on the final matchday.

The relegating teams in the Premier League are the three teams with the lowest rank on the table. As it stands, Leeds, Watford and Norwich City are down for relegation. But with the final matchday in sight, Leeds seem to stand a chance against relegation as they share the same points as Burnley (35pts).

Burnley are ahead of Leeds based on goal difference only. Burnley with (-18GD) and Leeds with (-38GD). Burnley take on Newcastle (12th on the table) while Leeds City take on Brentford (11th on the table) on Sunday. A win or draw for Leeds and a loss for Burnley is the only escape route for Leeds.

The golden boot will be decided on the final matchday.

The Golden boot award is given to the highest goal scorer in the league. As it stands, Mohammed Salah is leading the top scorer race with 22 goals, including 5 penalties. The second on the top scorer list is Heung-Min Son, with 21 goals and 0 penalties.

This is a close call, and the final matchday could turn the tables around or give a boost to the current winner. On Sunday, Tottenham take on Norwich, and Liverpool take on Wolves. It’s definitely worth anticipating.

The top assist will be decided on the final matchday.

The newly introduced “Premier League Playmaker award” is given to the player who creates the most Premier League goals for his teammates.

At the moment, Mohammed Salah leads the race with 13 assists, followed by his fellow teammate Alexander Arnold with 12 assists. As they take on Wolves, things might change or remain the same. Sunday decides!

The golden gloves will be decided on the final matchday.

The Golden glove is given to the goal keeper with the highest number of clean sheets in a Premier League season. Alisson Becker (Liverpool’s goalkeeper) and Ederson Moraes (Manchester City) are in a tie with 20 clean sheets each.

As Liverpool go against Wolves and City against Aston Villa, things might change or stay the same. We leave on Sunday to decide!

With all these dramas left alone for the final Premier League matchday, it’s safe to say the EPL deserves the award for the best domestic league. Comment your predictions for each of the 7 categories mentioned above.

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