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Should arsenal still be tagged a big club?

When we talk about big clubs, a lot of factors come into play in deciding which football club is tagged as big and which isn’t.

Here with EmperorA, we give updates on Europe’s biggest clubs, which we think are:

In the Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

from La Liga: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid.

From Serie A: Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan.

From Bundesliga: Bayern Munich and Dortmund

From Ligue 1: PSG alone.

These clubs are picked based on their performances in recent years. You’d be shocked to see some of these clubs mentioned above are not even in the greatest clubs of all time.

In this post we’d be giving you two sides of Arsenal FC, and you’d be left to decide if they are worth being called a big club or not.

Reasons why Arsenal is a big club.

1. The third club with the most Premier League trophies:

Arsenal, founded in 1886, has won an astonishing 13 league trophies, being the third on the list behind Manchester United (with 20 trophies) and Liverpool FC with 19 trophies.

The next on the list is Everton with 9 trophies. This is enough to buy prestige for the club’s all time image.

Their 2003/2004 run where they were undefeated in the league gave them the title of “the invincibles”.

2. A record of 14 FA Cup trophies

The FA Cup consists of over 700 English teams from various divisions of English football. It’s a knockout style of competition.

Arsenal holds the record for the team with the most FA Cup trophies in history. They won their first in 1930 and went on to win 12 more, the last coming in 2020.

3. The 11th most valuable club in the world.

The value of a club is checked based on many factors like stadium capacity, sponsorships, player salary caps, etc.

Based on the reports released by Forbes this year, Arsenal happens to appear 11th on the list of most valuable soccer teams, with a value of about 2 billion dollars.

This comes after the club suffered a 27% loss from the previous year. They’d have been in a better position on the list.

4. 10th club with the biggest fan base.

It’s fair to say Arsenal has the best fan base. I say this because they are loyal to the team despite the club’s tough times in recent years. Arsenal is estimated to have around 80.1m fans.

The amount of social media followers on Facebook, Instagram and twitter are the biggest factor in judging this metric.

All these aspects are what give Arsenal a spot in the stands of the greatest clubs in the world. But in recent times, Arsenal’s form has been more like an average team or, worse, a small club, as most of us will call it.


Reasons why Arsenal shouldn’t be tagged as a big club.

1. Champions League appearances

The last time Arsenal appeared in the Champions League was in the 2016-17 round of 16. That was about 5 years ago!

Just to think of it, they’ve been consistent for the past 20 years prior to the 2016/17 season. At a point, the champions league would look incomplete without Arsenal in it.

Although their performances in the competition aren’t good enough for a club of that caliber. In the past 10 years, they’ve not passed the RO16 in the Champions League.

To top it all off, Arsenal has zero Champions League trophies.

2. Premier League trophies

The last time Arsenal won the premier league was in the 2003/2004 season, about 18 years ago. Although they hold the record of the third teams with the most EPL titles, and they also boast one of the team that has never been relegated from the League competition, but I don’t think all those accolades count or justifies their form in the past few seasons.

3. They don’t know how to keep talents

On this note, likening the gunners to Dortmund, Ajax and Monaco who sell their talented players out to bigger clubs won’t be bad.

Some of the victims of this trade are Alexis Sanchez, Chamberlain, Robin Van Persie and many others.

This makes them look like a club without ambitions. Whenever a bigger clubs comes calling for one of Arsenal’s talent, they don’t seem to put up a fight or even interested in putting one up one.

The recent ones that hurts the fans the most has to be Aubameyang and Mesut Ozil. Although they didn’t leave because of a sale, but Arsenal should learn to preserve their talents regardless.

Statistically speaking, even a clueless fan knows arsenal isn’t a small club. But all the important records held by the club like being the invincibles, are records held by another team too ( Preston North End about 116 years ago).

And these records doesn’t vindicate their recent form. Clubs like Sevilla and Villarreal stands a chance to being compared to current arsenal.

Should Arsenal be tagged a big team or not? Comment your thoughts below.

Credits: Ojo Mohammed.

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